Teacher as student

08 mai

Every teacher should try a course where they are left a little dizzy, perhaps wondering if they are in the right place, stumbling upon weird things, trying to make mindmaps of the kind that she would normally reject from her students as «too little info», «no other ideas you might add there?», or «you haven’t really understood the terms» and so on. I have the following strategies to select from when facing a difficult task:

1. Finding ways to cheat 

2. Finding ways to «cover my incompetence», for instance by applying things to advanced forms or covering it in nice words

3. Leaving the course.

4. Hoping that others will help me (either as parasite, or as catalyst: teaching others is a good way to learn)

5. Accepting that nothing can be learnt in a day and keep trying

6. «Play dead». This was a suggestion from my husband, also a teacher.

Here is my mindmap. It is everything but excellent. Bilde

Again I return to the question of «why» I should learn this. I discover through the forums in this course that different people add different perspectives. Some are caught in details about enzymes, some are religious-like in their approach, others are waiting for more sociology. So far this has opened my eyes to the following:

1. Different fields may add value to each other. Cooperation seems to be natural, we benefit from it and need it. I am waiting for a discussion on how technology adds to or relates to the cultural evolution.

2. Cooperation online is quite challenging, but if you engage in activities, you will learn something. My next goal is to be better at reading other posts and commenting on other stuff.

3. I like videos. They do not have to be very fancy! The content is much more important.

4. Context matters.


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